I Wish Support For You

Someone asked me today, ‘Do you have support?’ 

I’m lucky that I could say yes. An absolute, unequivocal YES!

My family and friends who support me are angels. 

It’s not easy to support a chronically ill person. I get that. It’s hard to see someone you love hurt, weak etc. And it can be physically and emotionally hard to help or even just watch someone you love be chronically ill.

My support family make my life bareable. That sometimes we can laugh about some pretty serious issues, and at other times come together and find a solution to a problem we never thought we’d solve, as if pulling a solution out of a magicians hat, is remarkable to me.

My support team are my soft place to land. They are my reminders that there are good times ahead. 

They are my ‘I can’ when every part of me is screaming ‘I can’t’.
Thank you, support team. I love you now. I will love you forever. And even though sometimes it’s hard to see, I am appreciative of every second that you make me feel worthwhile of care and love.

My wish for everyone with a chronic illness is that you either have your support family already, or you find one, because you deserve one — and you can add me to it if you wish!

Here’s to our support saviours. Our earth angels!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(Tag someone who is a support angel for you.)

Photo: me with some of my support angels.


There's a Party on the Hill Would You Like to Come?

I’m moving over to a new web platform! Very exciting, and a little bit nervy. 🙂

I’m moving because:

I just love this new platform.

It’s super duper easy to design the site and move different design elements around.

I can finally have a gorgeous looking gallery for my photo progress. This is a huge one as it’s something I have wanted to do from the beginning of my ballet journey but found way too clunky on wordpress.

And if I ever want to sell stuff, it’s also pretty easy to do that there.

Anyways, there are lots of little reasons why this is just a beautiful fit for me, but bottom line is that I’m off, off and away!

I totes wish I could pack you all into suitcases and take you with me, but it’s not quite that simple. So, for the time being, everytime I write a post in my new place, I will pop a link to it up here, so y’all can still see what’s up.

But if anyone wants to follow directly from the new site, you can subscribe to the website via the uber cool email subscription doodad on the right of the home page.

Alternatively you can enter www,bushballerina.com into your Bloglovin’ feed and you will still get my updates. Yay! 🙂

I will be sure to keep track of everyone through my Bloglovin account.

Here is my latest post…


Hope to see you all over at the new digs! 

P.S, apologies for the emptiness of the new blog. Not quite a “party on the hill” in retrospect. It’s only a baby. But it’ll be fantabulous real soon! And then we can party like it’s 1999. 😉