A Happy Ambulance Ending

Usually an ambulance call doesn’t qualify as making my day particularly surprising. But today was different.

Today included an ambulance call. And FIVE bags of IV fluid.

I must’ve really looked like shit too, because the paramedics rushed the first two bags of fluid through by squeezing the bags manually — I suppose my repeatedly passing out three times in front of them, helped inspire said manual squeezing of IV bags.

Anyway, the really exciting thing was that they said they watched the video on POTS that I sent them, and it really helped them understand it more. They also said they had sent it through to several other ambulance stations and the head of Ambulance NSW, and they had said they would probably send the video out to most of the NSW stations.

They asked more questions and said they wanted to learn more.

I felt awesome about this.

Watched my negative become a positive.

Going to email the POTS video to my GP next.

Anyway, I’m posting it again, in case it helps anyone recognise the condition in themselves or in someone else.

POTS Video


When Wrong Becomes Right

I was tired. It was late. And an accidental slip of my finger saw me press the publish button on the wrong post.

The last post I published. The one about my dream was never meant to be published.

I write lots of posts that remain in the drafts folder and never see the light of the internet. Two days ago, I wrote two posts. Late that night I read over each one to see if either deserved to be published and I decided on publishing one of them. But that one wasn’t about my dream. After reading over the “I had a Dream” post I had decided it might come across as too wish-washy and flaky. It was a truthful account of my ballet dream but, I don’t know, maybe I just felt too exposed putting that out there — as it does seem kind of far fetched.

So when I checked my blog to see that the post had loaded properly and saw that the wrong one went up my heart jumped into my throat. “Oh darn it!” is the polite version of what went through my head, and “Should I delete it?” was the next thing. I quickly realised that I was too tired to think about this and decided to leave it, go to bed, and deal with it in the morning.

And I’m so glad that I did.

That accidental slip of my finger lead to some of the most encouraging, inspiring messages I have ever received. From other dancers and non-dancers. From strangers around the world and from friends. I felt such an amazing sense of encouragement and passion. It really blew my mind.

Perhaps the most surprising message I received came from Tibor Horvath, from Studio Tibor. He sent a kind, encouraging and very generous message after reading my post.

I liken this experience to some kind of ballet passion heaven. It was just beautiful.

So I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent those messages. You have all helped me to feel more passionate about making my ballet dream come true, for which I am intensely appreciative and grateful.

Also, now if someone questions my sanity when they hear about my dream, I can blame all of you! 😀

Just kidding (sort of) 😉


Our Beating Hearts — Where the Rhythm Lies

Thank you everyone who sent me such warm messages of support. You guys seriously rock. I feel completely blessed to know such wonderful people. You all make my life more colourful!

I had the echocardiogram today and I am pleased to announce that my heart is beautiful. Chockablock full of love. 🙂 Not perfect, but not dangerous at the moment. I am feeling blessed, relieved and joyous.

And yes, I really did lie on the table, watching my heart beating away on the screen up on the wall, with great big smile on my face as I thought of all the dancing we do together. And as I watched the repetitive swing and flow motion of the heart, I hypothesised about whether our hearts might be the source of our sense of rhythm in dance.

Is it possible that the most important dance routine of our lives begins and ends in our hearts, literally?

Do I sound mad? I don’t really care. I am acutely aware that we are all insanely blessed to have a heart that just keeps beating and beating and beating, without rest for our entire lives — which are mostly long lived!

If that isn’t something to be grateful for, then I don’t know what is!

The photo is me on the way home, looking goofy in some ridiculous headphones and grooving out to some of my favourite tunes.

I love all of you and your beating hearts.